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  • 7 Ways To Increase Your Home Value

    Increase Your Home's Value the Most for the Least $$$

    Increasing Your Home's Value the Most for the Least $$$

    The following are tips to help increase your home's value and get your home sold in the fastest time possible based on my experience working with home owners who have sold their home and feedback from home buyers that buy homes. The last two tips will be most appropriate if you are thinking you might sell your home within the next 1-2 years.

    TIP ONE: Painting and Carpeting

    A fresh coat of paint will make a room look new and clean and new carpets will make it shine that much more. Be sure to pick a paint color that is neutral as that will appeal to the most people. I have seen many buyers walk into a home with rooms painted the seller's favorite color and just walk out because they hated it!

    Buyers also will always look down at the floor when they walk into a room. So be sure that the carpets are clean, and if they are worn, consider getting them replaced. Worn or dirty carpets and badly painted or dirty walls will make a buyer think that there are other issues with your home even if there are not.

    If you need a referral to a good painter or carpeting company, let me know and I can send you some that our clients rate highly.  Contact us at www.AllLoudounCountyHomes.com, for no obligation referrals.

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