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  • New Home Builder - Incentives for Home Buyers from Nova Real Estate Group

    Tuesday, May 05, 2015   /   by Michael Wilson

    New Home Builder - Incentives for Home Buyers from Nova Real Estate Group

     YES!  The 'Cash At Closing' Option is Still Available!  
    Limited Time Offer, click below to get started.

    You can click the image below to print your coupon, BUT...


    Be sure you Qualify for the New Home Builder Coupon

    Image of New Home Builder Coupon Choices

    NoVa Real Estate Group is providing our New Home Builder Coupon - it is a token of our appreciation for working with us and choosing NoVa Real Estate Group as your Buyer's Agent - it is not a gift from any builder.

    REMEMBER - Like we wrote about in the book "5 Tips for Working With Builders" - your only chance at representation is BEFORE your first visit to the model home for the builder.

    STEP 1 = Contact Us - we're ready to accompany you on your first Builder visit If the timing just doesn't work out ... print and use the New Home Builder Coupon.*

    Click on the image above and Print your New Home Builder Coupon - the first page is for you and the second page is to take with you to the Builder (print enough of these for every builder you are going to visit!)    

    * Each Builder sets their own requirements for Buyer's Agents and may or may not accept our printed Realtor Information without us actually being present.  
    The ONLY way to ensure you qualify for the Full Value of our New Home Builder Coupon is to have NoVa Real Estate Group accompany you to the model home on your very first visit!